RFI/EMI Filters – Single & 3-Phase

RFI/EMI Filters (Single & 3-Phase)

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Product Overview

HSingle Phase & Three Phase
50/60 Hertz
Available in Ratings up to 600 Volts

Type “RF” Filters Solve Noise Problems

MTE Corporation type “RF” filters offer an economical solution to many facility interference problems caused by the high frequency emissions of adjustable speed motor drives and inverters.  Type “RF” filters can prevent drives and inverters from interfering with other sensitive electronic loads by reducing both common mode and differential mode noise emissions.

Typical drive and inverter applications include:

  • AC Motor Drives
  • DC Motor Drives
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Active Harmonic Filters
  • Battery Chargers / Electronic Welders

Help Meet EMC DirectiveThe “RF” series of filters are specially designed to provide sufficient attenuation of the conducted RFI and EMI associated with adjustable speed drive and inverter applications. Usually, drive and inverter systems using these filters will be able to meet the stringent requirements of the EMC Directives (Class A) and the FCC limits for conducted noise emissions. Actual testing may be necessary to verify system compliance.

Touch Safe ConstructionIn compliance with international safety standards, and in conformance with the CE low voltage directive, type “RF” filters are supplied as standard with touch safe terminations on all units rated through 150 amps. Units rated higher than 150 amps, provide tab terminals for customer addition of wiring devices.

Protect Sensitive Loads from RFI/EMIMicro-processor based equipment can be sensitive to low levels of voltage distortion and electrical noise. The “RF” series of filters is intended for installation on equipment causing the electrical noise in order to protect other sensitive electronic loads. Sensitive electronic loads, which can be protected, when the “RF” filters are applied to offending drives / inverters include:

  • Mirco-processor based equipment
  • Computers
  • Automated lighting controls
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Laboratory measurement equipment
  • Energy management systems
  • Radio transmitters / receivers
  • Television / CCTV
  • Photo electric sensors